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Rooted in Faith, Growing in Knowledge.


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Nurturing Hearts, Inspiring Minds, Building Faith.

A Spiritual Person Who

Understands Catholic doctrine
Reflects through prayer and scripture
Spreads the Good News
Celebrates the Mass and sacraments
Lives the Lord’s Great Commandment
Grows in faith

A World Citizen Who

Possesses strong character traits
Respects differences
Behaves responsibly and is accountable for actions
Displays global awareness
Takes care of the environment
Partakes in service activities
Lives as a PeaceBuilder

An Active Learner Who

Thinks critically to solve problems
Research information before drawing conclusions
Read for enjoyment and understanding
Applies learned skills
Creates and appreciates Fine Art
Communicates effectively through writing, speaking, and listening
Works well independently and cooperatively
Demonstrates computer literacy
Shows enthusiasm for learning through work habits
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