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First Grade

Curriculum Details

Pledge of Allegiance

In First Grade, our day begins with a morning assembly as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and pray the Morning Offering. Afterwards, our day continues with Journal Writing where amazing authors can be seen at work writing about the topic of the day in their individual journals. Every child has an personal dictionary and has access to a thesaurus to expand their vocabulary. Grammar, punctuation and sentence structure are taught daily.

Next, the Student of the Week leads the opening with seasonal and patriotic songs followed by the calendar. Every student will have the opportunity to shine as a star and be a leader when his/her name is chosen. Perks, privileges and share time is awarded to the Student of the Week and is one of the highlights of every first grader’s year.

All the core subjects are taught daily and follow the California Curriculum Standards. The subjects of Reading, Religion, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science have outstanding textbooks and resources. The students in Room 1 love their reading books and look forward to reading every day. To satisfy these voracious readers, a well stocked classroom library is available as well as a weekly visit to the school library. In addition, titles from a core reading list are read by me to further expose the students to different authors and genres.

Strong readers become proficient writers in First Grade! Whether it’s writing a letter to the Star of the Week, weekly journaling, addressing a question in religion, summarizing facts about a story or creatively composing a poem, these first graders will become competent and confident writers by the end of the school year.

Necessary skills to build a strong foundation for higher math in the future will be taught in first grade. Addition and subtraction timed tests are given to ensure proficiency and to prepare for World Math Day. On that day, St. Pancratius students will use their math skills and compete with students from around the world via the internet. World Math Day is a highlight of the school year and a great motivator for the students to learn addition and subtraction facts.

Learning about plants, animals, weather and forms of matter will engage the early scientist in Room 1. Hands on activities, experiments, and opportunities to use higher level thinking skills will motivate every scientist to further explore the world of discovery.

In Social Studies, every student will learn about geography through wall maps, individual maps and other resources. Various topics including learning about famous people in history will be covered. Students will learn about our country’s past, its founders and how they can contribute to the future of this country by being a good citizen.

On any given day in Room 1, you will see an array of art work. I truly believe that I may have the future Picassos, Renoirs, and Gauguins sitting in my classroom. Whether it’s self portraits, Chinese dragon masks, painted hearts, landscapes, leprechaun homes or life size penguin models, Room 1 is a room adorned with art.

In first grade, your child will have physical education taught by a qualified P.E. instructor/coach. He will teach your child the fundamentals and introduce a variety of sports and games on the large field. Exercises that target strength, stamina and flexibility will add to the physical health of your child.

How fortunate your first grader will be at St. Pancratius! St. Pancratius has an expert technology teacher in the computer lab. How to use the computer and an introduction to computer skills and websites will prepare your child for the advanced world of technology. Access to websites that coincide with subject matter in class will give your child a further advantage in all subjects.

Music is an important subject at St. Pancratius. First Graders attend music class once a week with a professional music teacher. A Christmas production is performed each year as well as songs learned for Friday masses.

I believe that the most important advantage in choosing St. Pancratius for your first grader is that he/she will be able to learn about his/her Catholic Christian faith. Through bible stories, textbooks, prayer, and weekly mass attendance, your child will grow in his/her faith. Teaching a group of wide-eyed first graders about our Lord is my favorite part of the day in Room 1.

Thank you for your time in considering first grade at St. Pancratius. I hope you will make it your school of choice as I am confident your child will receive the best education and foundation for future learning. Please contact me if you have any questions or make an appointment to visit Room 1. I would be happy to speak with you and address any questions or concerns.

A Look into the First Grade Classroom at St. Pancratius

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