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Seventh Grade

Curriculum Details

Prepares Students for Success

At St. Pancratius Parish School, middle school staff collaborates to design a tiered instructional plan that best prepares students for success in high school. Student strengths and areas for growth are constantly being assessed to determine the optimal instructional plan for each student.

While each student has unique academic, behavioral and developmental goals, the cross –curricular goals for the students to achieve be the end of seventh grade are as follows:

Justify claims using clear reasons and relevant evidence.
Cite textual evidence to support what the text says explicitly, and what inferred
Verbally, and in writing, effectively explain individual processes used to solve problems.
Demonstrate Catholic values and virtues in words and actions.
Demonstrate Catholic values and virtues in words and actions.
Obtain successful study skills for academic success.

In addition to these “core” goals, curriculum supports the mastery of California Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Algebra, The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Standards for Religious Instructions and the current California Content Standards for Science, Social Studies and the Arts.

The use of technology is prevalent in seventh grade. Students frequently participate in web-based activities. They work with PowerPoint, and MS Word. For individual instructional support, we also utilize ReadingCounts reading comprehension software and IXL Math practice.

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